Microfinance institutions generally target active clients located in both rural and urban areas. The economic activities engaged by these clients include petty trading, processing, manufacturing, farming, cottage industry, transport and service. FTMCS ensures that there are innovative products and services which are tailor made to meet every client’s financial needs.


This is a loan product specifically made for churches that need financial assistance in their churches to procure musical instruments and other items.

This loan product is tailor made for small and medium businesses.

It is loan product designed to meet the need of salaried workers that come as a group. The company they work for act as a guarantor and repayment is made by the company making deductions at source.

A loan product designed for importers. This facility normally helps them clear their goods from the port.

A loan product specifically made for salaried workers either on government payroll or private companies. Repayments are made with the issuance of post-dated cheques on the client’s salary bank account.

It is a loan product that is extended to clients who have won a contract to supply certain items to well established private institutions.

It is a loan product that is extended to clients in the micro businesses with a net worth of GHs1000 and below. Repayments are made daily through susu contributions of an amount not exceeding Ghs15 a day.